Commit 8995af51 authored by LAMBERT Jean-charles's avatar LAMBERT Jean-charles Committed by LAMBERT Jean-charles
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fix opensuse15.1/Dockerfile

parent 683803b6
FROM opensuse/leap:15.1
RUN zypper -n update &&\
zypper -n install gcc-c++ gcc cmake &&\
zypper -n install gcc-c++ gcc cmake libtirpc-devel &&\
zypper -n install libqt5-qtbase-devel &&\
zypper -n install cfitsio-devel zlib-devel &&\
zypper -n install glu-devel &&\
zypper -n install git glm-devel subversion rpm-build &&\
zypper -n install wget hdf5-devel &&\
zypper -n install sqlite3-devel python-numpy-devel python3-numpy-devel python-setuptools python3-setuptools swig3 vim &&\
zypper -n install sqlite3-devel vim &&\
wget && tar zxvf CCfits-2.4.tar.gz && chown -R root:root CCfits && cd CCfits && ./configure --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=no --with-cfitsio-include=/usr/include/cfitsio && make && make install && cd .. && rm -rf CCfits CCfits-2.4.tar.gz
cmd ["/bin/bash"]
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