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A simple fitting method is provided, however you may use your own as long as you conform with the PSF models calling syntax.
## Version
1.2.0 (July 11th 2020)
## Requires
Python 3 or higher version is recommended.
MAOPPY requires the following packages: `numpy`, `scipy`, `astropy`
It is also highly recommanded to have `matplotlib` for running example scripts
## Quick start
1. Download the full MAOPPY repository to your computer using one of the two options
* Simple: Click on the ZIP download link
* Recommanded: Use GIT commands to clone the project to your machine. You are then able to collaborate with us (edit/push/pull)
2. Add the MAOPPY folder to your PYTHONPATH.
* For Spyder users (for any OS):
* Go to `tools > manage PYTHONPATH > add path`
* Add the path up to the MAOPPY root `C:\Users\...\maoppy`
* Close and launch again the Python environment
* Linux command lines:
* From a terminal, open the bashrc, e.g. with gedit `gedit ~/.bashrc`
* Go to the end of the file and add the lines `PYTHONPATH=$HOME/.../maoppy` and `export PYTHONPATH`
* Save and close the bashrc
* From the terminal run `source ~/.bashrc` to take modifications into account
* Windows environment
* Go to `Windows > System`
* Search tool `"variable"`
* Select `Modify environment variables > Environment variables`
* In the list select `PYTHONPATH` and then click on `Modify`
* Add the path to your MAOPPY folder
Read the [maoppy\_user\_manual.pdf](maoppy_user_manual.pdf) to see how to download, install and use MAOPPY
## Authors
Romain JL. Fétick (LAM)
Romain JL. Fétick
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