Commit f46feb9e authored by rfetick's avatar rfetick
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Add Strehl computation

parent a50a9a65
......@@ -477,6 +477,15 @@ class ParametricPSFfromPSD(ParametricPSF):
f2D *= self.getpix2freq()
return f2D
def strehlOTF(self,x0):
otf = self.otf(x0,_caller='self')
otf_diff = self._otf_diffraction()
return _np.real(_np.sum(otf)/_np.sum(otf_diff))
def strehlMarechal(self,x0):
_,sig2 = self.psd(x0)
return _np.exp(-sig2)
def psd(self,x0):
raise ValueError("ParametricPSFfromPSD is not to be instantiated. the `psd` method must be override in the subclasses")
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