version 1.5.0


User front end

  • Add keyword fovnorm to Psfao methods if one wants to normalize the PSF energy in the numerical field of view. The default behaviour is similar to previous versions, with a normalization in energy up to infinity (fovnorm=False).
  • The Psfao methods are also callable with a dictionary of parameters (to avoid the burden to order parameters). Using a list of parameters, as previous versions, is still possible.
  • Instrument are now defined into .ini files instead of .yml.


  • Improve Psfao speed by precomputing arrays. PSF computation time drops to approximately 60% of previous time.
  • Simplify functions to write data into FITS files.
  • Syntax improvements.
  • Split long modules into smaller ones.

Compatibility loss

  • Some functions have been moved from one module to the other. This is easily solved by modifying the module name in the import of your scripts.
  • Instruments as .yml are not available anymore. The phasemask path and shift are not loaded from the .ini files, but I should do it soon.