Commit 49538dbe authored by  Sandrine Sabatié's avatar Sandrine Sabatié
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Update base.twig Pool logo

parent 8508351b
......@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@
<img src="images/partenaire/xsys_min.png" alt="">
<img src="images/partenaire/progedo_min.png" alt="">
<img src="images/partenaire/FrenchTech_min.png" alt="">
<img src="images/partenaire/lepool_min.jpg" alt="">
<img src="images/partenaire/rennes_logo_min.png" alt="">
<img src="images/partenaire/IleEtVilaine_min.png" alt="">
<img src="images/partenaire/Bretagne_min.png" alt="">
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