Commit c64a7edb authored by rfetick's avatar rfetick
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Minor modif on psf fits write

parent e902f223
......@@ -580,14 +580,14 @@ class Psfao(ParametricPSF):
return binning(out,int(self._k))
def tofits(self,param,filename,*args,keys=None,**kwargs):
def tofits(self,param,filename,*args,keys=None,overwrite=False,**kwargs):
if keys is None:
keys = ["R0","CST","SIGMA2","ALPHA","RATIO","THETA","BETA"]
keys_comment = ["Fried parameter [m]",
"PSD AO area constant C [rad2]",
"PSD AO area Moffat variance A [rad2]",
"PSD AO area Moffat alpha [1/m]",
"PSD AO area Moffat ax/ay ratio",
"PSD AO area Moffat sqrt(ax/ay) ratio",
"PSD AO area Moffat theta [rad]",
"PSD AO area Moffat beta"]
......@@ -602,4 +602,4 @@ class Psfao(ParametricPSF):
hdr["HIERARCH LEXT"] = (self.Lext,"Von-Karman outer scale")
hdu = fits.PrimaryHDU(psf, hdr)
hdu.writeto(filename, overwrite=True)
hdu.writeto(filename, overwrite=overwrite)
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